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Flying my Paramotor at Sunset, with a Full Moon…

Last Friday I did a little Paramotor flight with a few of my Paramotor friends: Michel, Isabelle and Mariusz.

It was a little chilly, but the scenery was amazing. We were flying over the east end of Orleans – to the east of Ottawa. We took off and flew to Petrie Island beach and waved  to the locals that were out there. We also did some low-flying over the corn.  The sunset was gorgeous over the Ottawa River and the city in the background. And there was also a full moon rising right before sunset…

Funny thing is that I’ve lived a big part of my life in this east part of town and never realized just how gorgeous it is by the river. To see it from the air on a day like that is just magical.  Most people never get to see it from that perspective.  So here you go, I’m including a little video of the flight so you Orleans people can see what you are missing! Watch it in HD and full screen!

Alain Bard has been an active skydiver since 2003.
Alain holds the following CPSA ratings: D CoP, ,Skydiving Coach Level 2, Jumpmaster (JM), Ground Control Instructor (GCI), Skydive School Instructor (SSI),  Skydive School Examiner (SSE), Exhibition Jump Rating (EJR), Parchute Rigger (RA). He is also a Skydiving Tandem Instructor.
Alain is a certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot (Transport Canada)
Alain is a certified Paramotor Pilot (Transport Canada)
Alain is a certified Paraglider Pilot (HPAC)