I flew paragliders between 2007 and 2013. I used to fly a Swing Connect Reverse (a great lightweight reversible harness), a Gradient Montana 24 paraglider, and a lightweight Independence Evo Picolo reserve parachute. I don't fly paragliders anymore, at least not locally, as the right weather conditions for a good flight in Gatineau happen only a few times a year. Our local flying site close to Ottawa, ON, Canada is in Gatineau Park. This picture shows me setting up at our local launch on the Eardley Escarpment in Gatineau Park: In this next picture, I'm ready to launch. I've modified my Montana 24 paraglider to install sheathed upper lines for flying from our granite rock launch - which seems to eat unsheathed lines for lunch! And here I am: Up in the air! Here I am setting up for a coastal launch in Cuba: Up in the air above Cuba: