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Alien Rocket Pin 1

The Original Alien Rocket Pin.
So popular it has been reprinted.

Pin Size: 39mm – USD$10 each.

Alien Rocket Pin 2 (Limited Edition)

Oddly enough, while the Alien Rocket Balloon attended the 2018 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 2016 and 2017, it did not in 2018 – but a pin was made. This pin is very rare as it was made in very low quantities.

Pin Size: 40mm – USD$15 each.

Alien Rocket Pin 3

This pin was made in 2016.

Pin Size: 37 mm – USD$8 each.

Alien Rocket Pin 4 (Limited Edition)

This Alien Rocket 2017 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is also rare with a limited print run.

Pin Size: 38 mm – USD$10 each.

Deerling Pin

Pin Size: 40 mm – USD$10 each.

LoveBear Pin

Pin Size: 31 mm – USD$10 each.

Pixel Swirl Hot Pin

Pin Size: 35 mm – USD$8 each.


Alien Rocket Hat
(Super Duper Limited Edition)

Flexfit Cotton Twill Hat – Size S/M


Bard Balloons Hat
LoveBear / Alien Rocket / Deerling

Flexfit Sports Mesh Hat

USD$25 each



Alien Rocket T-Shirt

Made in South Korea. 100% Cotton. Printed on both Front and Back.

*Note: Asian sizing.
Get the size up vs. regular North American Sizes.

USD$20 each.


Bard Balloons T-Shirt

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt. Printed on front.

Regular North American Sizes.

USD$20 each.