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Hot Air Ballooning


This blog section is a vestige of the old website which has now been reborn into Bard Balloons. This old section has been retained because of some popular articles written in the past still need a place to live on the web. Bard Balloons Bard Balloons is a custom… Read More »OLD BLOG

The Alien Rocket Special Shape Hot Air Balloon is born

I just finished my latest project. A special shape hot air balloon in the form of an Alien Rocket. Follow all its adventures on its own Facebook Page here:   The rocket is available for bookings worldwide.

Queen Bee Special Shape Balloon

The Whelan shop has been building two Special Shape Balloons here in the Ottawa, Canada area. See the blog for up to date with information on that Balloon. If you’ve been following that blog, the first of the two, named “Bunch of Bees” or BoB has recently been completed. BoB is… Read More »Queen Bee Special Shape Balloon

Here it is! the new

I got this domain when the first “.ca” domains were available without the “” stuff. Basically a looong time ago. It’s had a few iterations over the years, but, after many years of neglecting my website (which I built with my own custom template in Dreamweaver MX 2004) which had a main… Read More »Here it is! the new