Bard Balloons

Bard Balloons is a custom hot air balloon manufacturer specializing in the design and construction of experimental, lightweight balloons including special shape balloons based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Owner Alain Bard has been designing has been designing, constructing, flying and maintaining hot air balloons of all sizes and shapes […]

Skydiving from Hot Air Balloons

Jumping from a hot air balloon is quite a treat for skydivers. Balloon jumps are unusual because there is no “relative” wind as you exit the aircraft. In a normal aircraft jump, when a skydiver exits, the airspeed of the aircraft is quite high, so a skydiver can immediately maneouver […]

XLTA 2013 Rally – Flying in the mist

Last weekend I drove 800km down to Connecticut for the XLTA 2013 Rally. XLTA stands for Xperimental Lighter Than Air. XLTA members are basically a group of like-minded Hot Air Balloon homebuilders that gather every year to fly their creations together. This was the third year I attended the annual […]

Queen Bee Special Shape Balloon

Bill has been building two Special Shape Balloons here in the Ottawa, Canada area. See the http://ncballoonclub.ca blog for up to date with information on that Balloon. If you’ve been following that blog, the first of the two, named “Bunch of Bees” or BoB has recently been completed. BoB is a tribute to […]

Bunch of Bees Special Shape Hot Air Balloon

My friend Bill is in the process of building 2 Special Shape Balloons. The first of the two is what has been called “Bunch of Bees”. Lots of names have been thrown around for what to call this Balloon, I think Bill said it was going to be called “Billy’s […]

President of the National Capital Balloon Club (NCBC)

So I just came back from attending the 2013 National Capital Balloon Club Annual General Meeting, and I just got voted President of the club. Just call me Pres 😉 First order of business – a new website for the club. On it! Update March 3rd, 2013 – here’s the […]

The world’s only flying Glass-Bottom Hot Air Balloon?

If you’ve been here before, or you know me, you’ll eventually learn that I built my own Hot Air Balloon, from scratch… For a little background on that story – see my Hot Air Ballooning page. Over and above building the envelope, which a few  people have done, I also […]

500th jump – out of a Hot Air Ballon

So my friend Bill Whelan helped me with the building of my Hot Air Balloon.  He was well aware of the fact that I was a skydiver. So it came to be that one day, a few years ago, I had 499 jumps. I decided, hey, I should jump out […]

Here it is! the new bard.ca

I got this domain when the first “.ca” domains were available without the “.on.ca” stuff. Basically a looong time ago. It’s had a few iterations over the years, but, after many years of neglecting my website (which I built with my own custom template in Dreamweaver MX 2004) which had a main […]