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Bunch of Bees Special Shape Hot Air Balloon

We are helping our friend in the Whelan shop, who is in the process of building 2 Special Shape Balloons.

The first of the two is what has been called “Bunch of Bees”. Lots of names have been thrown around for what to call this Balloon…

Here’s a 3D render of what the Balloon should look like when it’s done:

The Balloon is a tribute to bees. It’s basically a bee-hive with 6 bees. Except the bees are huge! And very complex. Each bee has over 100 pieces.

We have been helping when we can to cut and sew this balloon.  It’s quite the impressive undertaking. Here’s a picture of myself, Bill & Sandra sewing some of the bee parts together:

Alain, Bill & Sandra Sewing Bees

Alain, Bill & Sandra Sewing Bees

Just to put the size of the bees in perspective, here’s a little video of Sandra putting some air in one bee’s antennae (on top of the bees head):

Compare one person to one antennae, then extrapolate using the 3D render… The bees are HUGE!

This is going to be a really cool balloon. I can’t wait to put some air into it