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Parachute Labs Dealer

How can you get up in the air? Get new Skydiving gear!

I am one of only two Parachute Laboratories  (formely Jumpshack) Dealers in Canada. I am based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

Parachute Labs are the people who make all the ripcords and pins for all brands of rigs, and the makers of the Racer line of Harness/Container systems.

Let me start off by saying I believe most skydiving gear manufactured today is safe… but…

I am a big believer in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle for skydiving gear. The simpler the gear is, the less chance of something unexpected happening. Basically the simpler the gear is, the less can go wrong, and the safer it is.  Parachute Labs has been making gear for over 40 years, have built over 40,000 rigs, and their gear adheres to this KISS principle.

Back in the old days, you either got a “Wonderhog” or a “Racer“. Those were your 2 choices. Well today Wonderhogs are still Wonderhogs, but they are are called Vector 3 and Micron (look at the labels on your rig, it still says “Wonderhog“). Whereas a Racer is still a Racer. Both companies have updated their rigs, but one has had some really successful marketing in North America, whereas the other one  (Racer), not so much. Marketing has won the popularity contest, and in North America, more people jump Vectors, Mirages and Javelins than Racers, but it doesn’t mean they are a better rig, in fact, the opposite is true.

In the rest of the world (outside the influence of North American Marketing), Racers are as common as any other brand, because the rigs have to stand on their on merits as opposed to their marketing.

I personally feel that the Parachute Labs Racer is a Simpler and Safer rig than all the others. It is the only brand of harness/container I carry and wish to sell.

I am happy to explain to you in person why a Racer is a better rig, but you may want to start by reading a few articles, and doing your own research on harness/container systems before you spend your hard earned dollars on well-marketed gear…

See the Racer Features page (now with pictures!) to see a complete list of the features that make a Racer a better rig, but here is the summary of that page and its features:

  • Proven Design
  • 100% Freefly Friendly
  • Over the Shoulder Sizing
  • Comfortable, Custom Harness
  • Strongest Harness
  • Lightest Weight
  • Custom Fit, Custom Sizes
  • Maintenance Free Teflon Cutaway Cables
  • Non Compressible Cable Housings
  • Externally Mounted Reserve Pilot Chute
  • Total Reserve Pin Protection
  • Magnetic Riser Covers
  • Deep Riser Covers
  • Fool Proof-Main Container closing
  • Snap Toggles
Again, visit my Racer Features page for a complete description of all these features.
You can also us the Racer Coloring Program to design your own rig.


I can sell anything and everything from the Parachute Labs lineup. Containers, Mains, Reserves, etc.

I can sell complete gear including Cypress2 or Vigil2 AADs.

See the Parachute Labs website for more details, and Get in touch!