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I skydived from 2003-2013 and completed almost 1000 jumps in that time.

I no longer skydive actively.

I am a Coaching Association of Canada rated Skydiving Coach – Level 2.

I also held the following CSPA Instructional Ratings:

  • Jumpmaster (JM)
  • Ground Control Instructor (GCI)
  • Skydive School Instructor (SSI)
  • Skydive School Examiner (SSE)
  • Exhibition Jump Rating (EJR)

I was also a certified Tandem Instructor. Here is my page dedicated to Tandem Skydiving.

I am also a CSPA Certified Rigger and can inspect and repack reserve parachutes.

I still hold the Canadian Large Formation Big-Way Record (along with 101-other people) for the largest Canadian Freefall Formation – 102 people! This jump was done on July 13, 2012 over Farnham, QC in Canada.

Here is a picture of the completed 102-way Canadian Record:

My home Dropzone was Gatineau Ottawa Skydive (GO Skydive) at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport in Canada’s National Capital region.