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Update! The Racer embroidery mentioned in this post is 
now available as a free option on both sidewalls.

It seems some Parachute Labs customers are liking the embroidery I designed for my own custom Racer Tandem and Racer 2k3 harness/containers.

Leg Pad

Leg Pad on my own Racer 2k3

I designed this embroidery with a few things in mind. I wanted something that evoked a sense of speed with the “Racer” Brand, while still retaining the original font of the Racer. So the background swoops are inspired from a Concorde Jet, but stylized.

Secondly, I wanted the the design to be 2-color and look good in almost any color combination to match any type of color combination.

Lastly, the tagline at the bottom. Since all the Parachute Labs’ containers are named Racer something, adding this to the bottom identifies the type of rig.

So there you have it. I designed it hoping it would change the look of the Racer container somewhat, making it “cooler” and more “fashion friendly”. As you know, skydivers are all about fashion over function

This embroidery design is available on any new custom Racer.

Here’s a picture of a new Racer Tandem being built:

Racer Tandem Embroidery

And another on a Racer Trainer:

Racer Trainer

Alain Bard has been an active skydiver since 2003.
Alain holds the following CSPA ratings: D CoP, Skydiving Coach Level 2, Jumpmaster (JM), Ground Control Instructor (GCI), Skydive School Instructor (SSI),  Skydive School Examiner (SSE), Exhibition Jump Rating (EJR), Parchute Rigger (RA). He is also a Skydiving Tandem Instructor.
Alain is a certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot (Transport Canada)
Alain is a certified Paramotor Pilot (Transport Canada)
Alain is a certified Paraglider Pilot (HPAC)

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  1. Nancy Mar 5,2013 12:28 PM

    Yes, it’s true. We’ve been showing the design to many of our customers, and they are going for it!
    Thanks Alain!

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