Hot Air Ballooning

I am a Canadian Hot Air Balloon Pilot, and I fly 2 hot air balloons, the first one, C-GEGM is a custom, amateur-built Hot Air Balloon named ”Lite-Bright". "Amateur built" in Canada is called "Experimental" in the US. My second balloon, also amateur-built, C-FIIY, is a special shape hot air balloon in the shape of an "Alien Rocket" or Rocketship. I am also president of the National Capital Balloon Club, based out of Ottawa, ON. I maintain the club's website too, and there is tons more information about local hot air balloon stuff there. I have helped build many special shape hot air balloons over the last few years, 7 of them in fact! Here are some pictures of them: In 2009, I embarked on a project of completely fabricating a hot air balloon from scratch. I have a page dedicated to my first amateur-built balloon, Lite-Bright. BalloonWinterFlight In 2015, I complete my second balloon, the "Alien Rocket" Special Shape Hot Air Balloon. AlienRocket It is available to visit festivals world-wide, and has it's own special Facebook Page with a history of the building process, as well as flying pictures describing its adventures. The facebook page is here:   My hot air balloons can be seen in the skies above the Ottawa-Gatineau area in Ontario, Canada If you want to take a hot air balloon ride over Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, please visit the Ottawa Hot Air Balloon Rides website to book your adventure today!